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Bridleways Horses

TC (short for Tumbling Cloud – yes, really!)

Tumbling Cloud-to give him his full title- is a miniature Shetland who arrived at Bridle-Ways in a rather sorry state,having been suffering from sweet itch which had been largely untreated whilst he was in a loan home. Sweet itch can be extremely debilitating if not treated and managed correctly. It is an allergic reaction to midge bites and the affected equine will be intolerably itchy, so the poor animal resorts to scratching and rubbing on any available surface. T.C had rubbed himself raw by the time he came to Bridle-Ways, he had no hair on his back and was a sorry sight, sore ,itching and bleeding.His owner wanted to place him somewhere where he would receive the proper care that he needed.

Although diminutive in size, TC is certainly not lacking in character and attitude. When he first arrived he could often be found standing on his hind legs to protest against our efforts to treat his sweet itch,groom or make a fuss of him. After a lot of kind but firm handling TC reached the point where he was ready to be rehomed and in December 2015 he began a new life. He is now a companion to Gypsy and a much loved member of the Richardson family. His sweet itch has been well controlled for the last few years and he is now a pleasure to be around, whilst still retaining the mischievous nature that has made us smile and curse in equal measure! TC has a loving, permanent home and doesn’t want for anything. It is lovely to see how this once neglected and wayward pony has blossomed into a healthy, happy and at times even affectionate little soul.


Candra came to Bridle-Ways in 2013, along with Belle because their owner was ill. She is a 14hh coloured mare. Candra was very nervous and unsettled upon arrival and this manifested itself in some defensive and at times slightly aggressive behaviour. Horses are prey animals and their initial reaction when confronted by something frightening is to take flight. If they are not in a position to do this, their remaining option is to fight. Candra appeared to be up for a fight when she arrived but we were able to see through this defensive action and knew that in time her true nature would shine through. Sure enough, with time,patience and kind understanding, Candra began to accept us and her new surroundings and became sociable with the other horses and kind and cooperative with her handlers. She really does want to please us, even when we ask her to face her fears.

Candra was suffering from a shoulder injury when she joined us and also had a deep-rooted fear of anything on wheels- she was terrified of the trailer and even a wheelbarrow going by would have her trembling and almost on the ground. We think that she must have been involved in an incident with a vehicle at some point and we took her education right back to the beginning so that we were able to re-start everything properly and iron-out and hopefully eventually erase her fears. She did plenty of groundwork with us and after a while began to accept a rider on her back.

In early 2016, Candra went to her forever home at a trekking centre/riding school where several of her companions have also been rehomed. It was not yet known if she would ever become sound enough to work or whether her previous nervousness would prevent her from being a safe and reliable riding pony. We are very pleased to report that after lots of time to relax and recuperate, her old shoulder injury(probably ligament damage) has recovered and she is now being ridden regularly. She remains somewhat anxious in traffic but is only ever ridden on the road by confident, experienced riders and always in the company of other bombproof horses whom give her confidence. Candra’s new owners took her on knowing that there was the possibility that she might not be up to ridden work and are understandably extremely pleased and proud of her. We thank them for their patience and wish them all the very best.


Bracken was removed from appalling conditions along with Sienna and Rosa in October 2014. She was three years old at the time and in very poor condition. She had had very little handling and was wary of human interaction. Bracken appeared very closed down and reluctant to engage. She was slow to put on condition at first but gradually improved. Initial health checks showed that she is blind in one eye which helps to explain why she was so nervous and easily startled. Bracken was given lots of time to relax, gain condition and settle into her new surroundings. We slowly but surely gained her trust so that we were able to groom, handle and do some groundwork with her. Once we were aware of her sight issue we were able to work around it and find ways to do all the usual activities. It is lovely to see the way Bracken has developed- once upon a time we could not get anywhere near her in the field- now she will walk over to you when you approach her.

Bracken was successfully broken in and is now thriving at a trekking centre/riding school establishment. The girl who looks after her absolutely adores her and they have already had lots of fun and adventures together. Bracken is hacking, schooling and even jumping with confidence. She also doesn’t turn a hair when she takes part in regular fancy dress parades in full costume!


Sienna was removed from appalling conditions in October 2014. Once we had gone through the standard healthchecks and treatments,we began with some basic groundwork. Sienna was slightly anxious and unsure to begin with but progressed quickly and was soon working nicely in the sand school and hacking out with confidence. It wasn’t long before we were able to think about finding her the perfect home and indeed we did. Sienna is now happily settled in her new home and routine. Her owners keep her at home,they are able to look out on her from their house and their cat has been known to pay her a visit from time to time.

Sienna enjoys hacking out and has become fairly bombproof, encountering tractors,lorries and garden machinery and taking it all in her stride. She is a friendly mare,likes human company and will come to call. She is gentle yet spirited and has established herself as the boss of her herd, always ensuring that she gets to the feed bucket first. We think she has earned that privilege and are delighted by her good fortune.


horse-poppyPoppy is part Dartmoor and part Appaloosa – she is the daintiest and sweetest pony you could hope to find.

Poppy’s previous owner didn’t have anyone to ride her and so asked if we would take her on.  She was already riding out.

As Flick, who works here is so light, she has been able to take Poppy out on hacks and we have also encouraged any ‘little people’ who come here to ride her too.  Poppy is an absolute delight in every way and we have also discovered that she has the leap of a gazelle.

Even though she is only 4 years old she is really good and she is going off to a wonderful life just outside St Austell – a surprise gift from a grandmother to her grandchildren and where pony and children can develop and be educated together.

Good luck Poppy – it sounds like the ideal life, and we look forward to hearing your news.


horse-jasmineJasmine was one of the three horses we took from a Cornwall-based Fell stud when one of the owners died suddenly, leaving her husband with a large number of ponies to be dispersed.  Although Jasmine was 7 years old when she came to us, she had just been a brood mare up until then.

Jasmine has been our introduction to this wonderful steady-temperament breed and we are now complete converts.  To say we have broken Jasmine while she was here is a complete exaggeration; we flapped a few things at her by way of de-sensitisation – which she ignored, we tacked her up – which she also ignored, our natural horsemanship person took her home, got on her the next day and took her out for a ride – and that was it, job done, Jasmine was officially a riding horse. Click here to read more


horse-rosieRosie has been with us for a couple of years now and we took her from someone we already knew because of her outstanding reliability record.  Because of the different people who come on our yard (plus the fact that many of the horses that come here are unknown), we have to have one or two horses that are known to us and can be trusted.  Rosie has far exceeded our expectations and has always behaved impeccably no matter whether the person on board has ridden before or not.

Now, she is going with Jasmine to an amazing home between Helston and Falmouth – where first time (but mature) husband and wife owners to be have decided to make riding a hobby they can enjoy together.  Rosie is very lucky – as are her new owners.


horse-beauty‘BEAUTY BY NAME AND BEAUTY BY NATURE’ – that was how our advert ran in the West Briton.  And, at the time of writing this, Beauty has been with her new owner since the latter part of 2013.

As you can see Beauty looks like a smaller version of a Shire and we were especially sad to see her go as she leaves behind her ‘monster’ foal – Blossom. Click here to read more


Ben came to us because his owners were struggling financially and could no longer afford to keep him.  Ben is about 17 years old and his previous owners had had him most of his life – so although he hasn’t done much recently, he has always been cared for and appreciated.

We try not to take older horses here (ie we are not a sanctuary) just horses that we can make as good as they are capable of being (in physical health and behaviour) and then find them a 5* home for life, so we had reservations about taking Ben.  But our reservations have proved to be without foundation as Ben is a complete gentleman and has quietly obliged with everything we have asked him to do. Click here to read more


Zulu is a really lovable moorland pony – he is 13 years old and about 12.2hh.  We have actually owned Zulu since he was 4 years old but for the last three years he has been on long term loan to a family with young children.  He only came back to us because his young rider had outgrown him.

Zulu is a really sweet natured and good all-round pony. He is probably going to stay here as one of our anchor ponies to be ridden by the smaller people who come to bridle Ways to help us – and, in so doing, help themselves. Click here to read more


Belle is a beautiful grey mare and with her long flowing mane we think she looks like some fantasy horse – perhaps a unicorn (but without the horn!).

Belle is 7 years old and over 14hh and she came to us (with Candra) in 2013 because her owner was very ill.  When Belle first arrived she was very anxious about everything, before moving on to become cautious about who she trusted.  Now, with calm and gentle handling she is becoming lovely inside and out, has good stable manners, is riding out quietly and is good in traffic. Click here to read more


Blossom is our baby.  She was born here about 18 months ago.  Her Mum was Beauty (who went to her new 5* home last year), and her Dad Robert’s Pride – a pure bred Shire stallion belonging to the Eddy family of St Buryan.

Unsurprisingly, Blossom has got an adorable cheeky character, she is going to be a big girl and is already larger than her 14.2hh Mum.  She is very very good indeed to handle (we started gentle ground work with her almost from Day 1), to catch, with the farrier and to box – in fact fantastic in every way.  She is another of those horses that quietly takes on each part of her furthering education – nothing is a problem.  Blossom is a real people person who likes to help with everything (sometimes too much!) – everyone adores her, she is truly scrumptious. Click here to read more


Flicka is our ‘Page 3’ girl.  Her Mum was Spanish and her Dad the gorgeous thoroughbred My Eclipse – so unsurprisingly, she is absolutely beautiful.

Yes, Flicka was born here nearly four years ago and with careful upbringing and handling she is stunning inside and out with intelligence to match her good looks; and, no, of course, we are not biased! Click here to read more


Jason is an adorable, cheeky chappie – a black bear, who also happens to be a pure registered Fell.  He is rising four years.  He is one of the three ponies that we took from a Cornwall based Fell Stud last year when one of the owners sadly died leaving a great number of ponies to be dispersed.

Jason was already really well handled when he came here because he is a really good example of the breed and so had travelled to attend a number of shows.  He has got the wonderful, peaceful and trustworthy Fell nature but has a huge character that makes everyone love him instantly.  When he matures fully he should be up to carrying any reasonably light weight adult and if he is like his Mum, Jasmine (who we have just found a wonderful home for) he is likely to become a wonderful riding pony and to be bombproof. Click here to read more


Gareth is a gorgeous chunky gelding with the best nature – he is a really handsome boy.  He is Fell cross Welsh Section D, and is rising 4 years and is currently about 15hh but obviously still growing.  He is one of the three ponies that we took from a Cornwall-based Fell Stud when sadly one of the owners died almost a year ago, and the many horses there had to be dispersed.

When Gareth arrived here he had hardly been handled at all – except to be gelded (probably not the best introduction to humans) and he was pretty wild. But now after much natural horsemanship and groundwork he has turned into this delightful, friendly character who loves humans and is enthusiastic to do ‘stuff’ with his life.  He is a pleasure to handle in every way, and is now fully broken and although he looks carefully at every new experience that life has to show him he has been a pleasure to educate and copes brilliantly.  Whoever becomes Gareth’s forever owner will be very lucky indeed. Click here to read more


Dino is a stunning, grey, French bred ex-racehorse, he is 16.2hh and 14years old.  Dino is a joy to handle in every way and like most of the ex-racehorses we have had here is an incredibly gentle and relaxed character with impeccable manners.

Dino’s progress has been a bit delayed, because unfortunately he managed to get a nail in his foot which resulted in a series of abscesses and associated lameness.  He is gradually coming through all this and we hope to get him back into regular work in the next month or so. Click here to read more


Marley is a gorgeous, characterful gelding.  He is fine and coloured – an unusual combination, is rising five and currently stands at about 14.2hh.

He came to us because his owner couldn’t afford to keep him.  He was well handled but a bit spoilt and unbroken.  His condition wasn’t marvellous – in fact he was a bit of a runt and seemed to get everything that was going, only a bit worse. He also had had no chance to play with others of his own age as he had been kept on his own. Click here to read more