Belle is a beautiful grey mare and with her long flowing mane we think she looks like some fantasy horse – perhaps a unicorn (but without the horn!).

Belle is 7 years old and over 14hh and she came to us (with Candra) in 2013 because her owner was very ill.  When Belle first arrived she was very anxious about everything, before moving on to become cautious about who she trusted.  Now, with calm and gentle handling she is becoming lovely inside and out, has good stable manners, is riding out quietly and is good in traffic.

Coming here has been a bit of an emotional journey for Belle. When she first came here, we felt, she was very closed down but now, at last, we think we are seeing the true Belle –  a peaceful, gentle and affectionate character. She will be a lovely horse to own.  And as Belle has a particularly good action and long lines well we think she has the makings of a driving horse too.

As time has gone on this year, and with Jeremy’s veterinary expertise, we realised that Belle’s eyesight was not what it should be. So we made the decision that she would never be suitable as a riding horse and because she was such a beautifully natured horse that she would stay here as a permanent companion for our matriarch Duchess.

Well, that’s the trouble with decisions ……as unexpectedly Julia asked to come and visit our yard and she fell for Belle in a big way and offered her a permanent home. Well, how could we turn down an offer like this – and even though we were really sad at the prospect of Belle leaving our yard, as we always try to be horse-centred in any decisions we make there was no contest.

Belle is the latest of our horses to leave here and she has gone to a really fabulous home. It is good to know that there are amazing people out there whose passion is simply to care for horses ie not just the riding ‘thing’.

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