Zulu is a really lovable moorland pony – he is 13 years old and about 12.2hh.  We have actually owned Zulu since he was 4 years old but for the last three years he has been on long term loan to a family with young children.  He only came back to us because his young rider had outgrown him.

Zulu is a really sweet natured and good all-round pony. He is probably going to stay here as one of our anchor ponies to be ridden by the smaller people who come to bridle Ways to help us – and, in so doing, help themselves.

While Zulu was away on long term loan, he only went out in the company of the other family horse ie he hadn’t been out on his own. Since coming back here we have started to hack him out alone – which he is coping with perfectly.  We’ve also discovered that Zulu loves to jump – a new skill we’ve discovered since his return.  Each horse that comes through Bridle Ways gates gradually notches up every skill we can think of; from being caught in the field and led into the stables to hacking out alone and popping over a jump. As things stand, we’ve got 19 points on this check-list of ours…it could increase!

Whenever we make that decision to keep a horse or pony here because they are so very good, the fates step in to over-turn that decision. And sure enough, this brilliant in every way home presented itself for Zulu. Once again, our horse-centred philosophy was put to the test and the best option for Zulu was to go off to this lovely family set up. We have great reports since then and apparently Zulu hasn’t put a hoof wrong.

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