The People

The people who worked here – and made Bridle Ways possible.


Over the Bridle way years – so many people have come to join in and help with the horses – and in so doing have helped themselves. Each person – unique, of course, and each individually struggling with life in some way but united here always in the care of the horses. In ‘The Last Post’ you can read Tara’s over-view of what went on here. And by reading and catching up with Steve’s Story and ‘Emma’s Story’  you should be able to get a feel for how, although people may struggle or get lost in life, given the ‘right environment’ everyone has the capability of getting back on track and become all they are capable of being i.e. have a great life.


The Last Post – Tara 2017

I moved to Cornwall in February 2014 and found my way to Bridle-Ways in the May of that year in response to their advertisement for staff after almost going stir-crazy whilst job searching. I had spent most of my career … Click here to read more

Steve ‘He who falls with style’

Before Bridleways a horse was, well, a horse. That was the extent of my knowledge. Having arrived at Bridleways almost by accident, looking for gardening work, I was soon wandering into this new and interesting equine universe. Having struggled with … Click here to read more


My interest in horses began at a very young age, longer than I can actually remember. I was entranced by increasingly harder horse knowledge books, absorbing the information like a sponge, and when at 8 years old I was allowed … Click here to read more