Blossom is our baby.  She was born here about 18 months ago.  Her Mum was Beauty (who went to her new 5* home last year), and her Dad Robert’s Pride – a pure bred Shire stallion belonging to the Eddy family of St Buryan.

Unsurprisingly, Blossom has got an adorable cheeky character, she is going to be a big girl and is already larger than her 14.2hh Mum.  She is very very good indeed to handle (we started gentle ground work with her almost from Day 1), to catch, with the farrier and to box – in fact fantastic in every way.  She is another of those horses that quietly takes on each part of her furthering education – nothing is a problem.  Blossom is a real people person who likes to help with everything (sometimes too much!) – everyone adores her, she is truly scrumptious.

Although it was an impossibly difficult decision, we thought it might be in Blossom’s best interests to allow someone else to continue her education. So we placed a careful ‘Shire youngster’ advert in our local paper and were amazed by the deluge of responses.

But one response stood out as a fantastic opportunity for Blossom’s future. Blossom has got such a huge presence, an enormous , cheeky , intelligent character and even though she is only two years old we knew it was really important for her to have a job to do sooner rather than later. We have been really proud of Blossom, she really is incredibly good in every way as well as exploding with confidence – just nothing frightens her.

Of course, once Julie and her family said that Blossom was the youngster they’d been looking for, and we’d been for a home visit there was no doubt that this was the right home for Blossom’s future. Now she has gone to a fab home just outside Truro with lots of company and care and where she tells everyone that she has been there for ever and is completely in charge. Her new owners already had a passion for Shires. We have all become firm friends and get regular updates from the Blossom front.

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