Flicka is our ‘Page 3’ girl.  Her Mum was Spanish and her Dad the gorgeous thoroughbred My Eclipse – so unsurprisingly, she is absolutely beautiful.

Yes, Flicka was born here nearly four years ago and with careful upbringing and handling she is stunning inside and out with intelligence to match her good looks; and, no, of course, we are not biased!

Last year Flicka went to the Tregurtha Downs yard to complete the breaking process which she achieved with her habitual calmness.  Currently, she is over on Lisa’s yard (where our horses are gradually going when they’re ready to seek their new homes), getting lots more everyday riding experience.  This year we will start to look for a forever home for her that will make the most of her considerable attributes – dressage maybe, but who knows.  The thought of Flicka going is unbearable, but we must do what is best for the horse – not for us.  Ho Hum!

A sad thought, but in some ways we knew our beautiful Flicka, now four years old, was more than ready to find a new home.

Before advertising Flicka we sent her off for a week at Tregurtha Downs Stables just outside Penzance. This is something we often organise for our horses – and for all sorts of reasons, but in Flicka’s case a reality check to make sure she was equipped for the outside world. Tregurtha, who had broken Flicka the previous year, adored her and gave her the highest praise. It’s always great to get a professional opinion about a horse that you’ve brought up – and when it’s a positive opinion, well happy days!

In response to our advert, although the mother and son came here to see Marley and Flicka, once they’d seen Flicka, Marley stood no chance at all. Jean and her family made several visits here to try Flicka out in every way (something that we actively encourage), although really the decision to own Flicka had been made on their initial visit.

Our only worry in all of this was how Flicka and Diva (already top horse on Jean’s yard ie Diva by name and Diva by nature!) would get on. I had warned Flicka’s new family that Flicka always assumes control of whatever horses she happens to share a field with. And that she somehow manages to assume power regally rather than by warfare. After a little time for Diva and Flicka to make faces at each other over the fence, they were put in a field together. As usual Flicka took the role of leader – no question about it, while Diva clicked quietly into a supporting role.

Since then we have been receiving lovely pictures and updates of family outings on horseback – and Jean is even thinking of getting into dressage so that she and Flicka can learn together.

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