Sienna was removed from appalling conditions in October 2014. Once we had gone through the standard healthchecks and treatments,we began with some basic groundwork. Sienna was slightly anxious and unsure to begin with but progressed quickly and was soon working nicely in the sand school and hacking out with confidence. It wasn’t long before we were able to think about finding her the perfect home and indeed we did. Sienna is now happily settled in her new home and routine. Her owners keep her at home,they are able to look out on her from their house and their cat has been known to pay her a visit from time to time.

Sienna enjoys hacking out and has become fairly bombproof, encountering tractors,lorries and garden machinery and taking it all in her stride. She is a friendly mare,likes human company and will come to call. She is gentle yet spirited and has established herself as the boss of her herd, always ensuring that she gets to the feed bucket first. We think she has earned that privilege and are delighted by her good fortune.

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