Bracken was removed from appalling conditions along with Sienna and Rosa in October 2014. She was three years old at the time and in very poor condition. She had had very little handling and was wary of human interaction. Bracken appeared very closed down and reluctant to engage. She was slow to put on condition at first but gradually improved. Initial health checks showed that she is blind in one eye which helps to explain why she was so nervous and easily startled. Bracken was given lots of time to relax, gain condition and settle into her new surroundings. We slowly but surely gained her trust so that we were able to groom, handle and do some groundwork with her. Once we were aware of her sight issue we were able to work around it and find ways to do all the usual activities. It is lovely to see the way Bracken has developed- once upon a time we could not get anywhere near her in the field- now she will walk over to you when you approach her.

Bracken was successfully broken in and is now thriving at a trekking centre/riding school establishment. The girl who looks after her absolutely adores her and they have already had lots of fun and adventures together. Bracken is hacking, schooling and even jumping with confidence. She also doesn’t turn a hair when she takes part in regular fancy dress parades in full costume!

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