Candra came to Bridle-Ways in 2013, along with Belle because their owner was ill. She is a 14hh coloured mare. Candra was very nervous and unsettled upon arrival and this manifested itself in some defensive and at times slightly aggressive behaviour. Horses are prey animals and their initial reaction when confronted by something frightening is to take flight. If they are not in a position to do this, their remaining option is to fight. Candra appeared to be up for a fight when she arrived but we were able to see through this defensive action and knew that in time her true nature would shine through. Sure enough, with time,patience and kind understanding, Candra began to accept us and her new surroundings and became sociable with the other horses and kind and cooperative with her handlers. She really does want to please us, even when we ask her to face her fears.

Candra was suffering from a shoulder injury when she joined us and also had a deep-rooted fear of anything on wheels- she was terrified of the trailer and even a wheelbarrow going by would have her trembling and almost on the ground. We think that she must have been involved in an incident with a vehicle at some point and we took her education right back to the beginning so that we were able to re-start everything properly and iron-out and hopefully eventually erase her fears. She did plenty of groundwork with us and after a while began to accept a rider on her back.

In early 2016, Candra went to her forever home at a trekking centre/riding school where several of her companions have also been rehomed. It was not yet known if she would ever become sound enough to work or whether her previous nervousness would prevent her from being a safe and reliable riding pony. We are very pleased to report that after lots of time to relax and recuperate, her old shoulder injury(probably ligament damage) has recovered and she is now being ridden regularly. She remains somewhat anxious in traffic but is only ever ridden on the road by confident, experienced riders and always in the company of other bombproof horses whom give her confidence. Candra’s new owners took her on knowing that there was the possibility that she might not be up to ridden work and are understandably extremely pleased and proud of her. We thank them for their patience and wish them all the very best.

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