TC (short for Tumbling Cloud – yes, really!)

Tumbling Cloud-to give him his full title- is a miniature Shetland who arrived at Bridle-Ways in a rather sorry state,having been suffering from sweet itch which had been largely untreated whilst he was in a loan home. Sweet itch can be extremely debilitating if not treated and managed correctly. It is an allergic reaction to midge bites and the affected equine will be intolerably itchy, so the poor animal resorts to scratching and rubbing on any available surface. T.C had rubbed himself raw by the time he came to Bridle-Ways, he had no hair on his back and was a sorry sight, sore ,itching and bleeding.His owner wanted to place him somewhere where he would receive the proper care that he needed.

Although diminutive in size, TC is certainly not lacking in character and attitude. When he first arrived he could often be found standing on his hind legs to protest against our efforts to treat his sweet itch,groom or make a fuss of him. After a lot of kind but firm handling TC reached the point where he was ready to be rehomed and in December 2015 he began a new life. He is now a companion to Gypsy and a much loved member of the Richardson family. His sweet itch has been well controlled for the last few years and he is now a pleasure to be around, whilst still retaining the mischievous nature that has made us smile and curse in equal measure! TC has a loving, permanent home and doesn’t want for anything. It is lovely to see how this once neglected and wayward pony has blossomed into a healthy, happy and at times even affectionate little soul.

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