horse-poppyPoppy is part Dartmoor and part Appaloosa – she is the daintiest and sweetest pony you could hope to find.

Poppy’s previous owner didn’t have anyone to ride her and so asked if we would take her on.  She was already riding out.

As Flick, who works here is so light, she has been able to take Poppy out on hacks and we have also encouraged any ‘little people’ who come here to ride her too.  Poppy is an absolute delight in every way and we have also discovered that she has the leap of a gazelle.

Even though she is only 4 years old she is really good and she is going off to a wonderful life just outside St Austell – a surprise gift from a grandmother to her grandchildren and where pony and children can develop and be educated together.

Good luck Poppy – it sounds like the ideal life, and we look forward to hearing your news.

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