horse-jasmineJasmine was one of the three horses we took from a Cornwall-based Fell stud when one of the owners died suddenly, leaving her husband with a large number of ponies to be dispersed.  Although Jasmine was 7 years old when she came to us, she had just been a brood mare up until then.

Jasmine has been our introduction to this wonderful steady-temperament breed and we are now complete converts.  To say we have broken Jasmine while she was here is a complete exaggeration; we flapped a few things at her by way of de-sensitisation – which she ignored, we tacked her up – which she also ignored, our natural horsemanship person took her home, got on her the next day and took her out for a ride – and that was it, job done, Jasmine was officially a riding horse.

We have continued with Jasmine’s education plus riding her out alone and in company and she has been simply fantastic – a horse that anyone could really trust – plus an adorable cuddly bear with it.  These Fells are built as sturdy weight carriers too – ideal for adult novices to learn on.

Now Jasmine is going with Rosie to a husband and wife team wanting to make first time horse ownership – and all that comes with it, a hobby to be shared.  We are really happy with all of this.

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