Marley is a gorgeous, characterful gelding.  He is fine and coloured – an unusual combination, is rising five and currently stands at about 14.2hh.

He came to us because his owner couldn’t afford to keep him.  He was well handled but a bit spoilt and unbroken.  His condition wasn’t marvellous – in fact he was a bit of a runt and seemed to get everything that was going, only a bit worse. He also had had no chance to play with others of his own age as he had been kept on his own.

Now, after almost a year of natural horsemanship and handling – all the right food and company he could wish for, he has gone from strength to strength and has taken easily to all the education he has been asked to undertake.  He’s now fully broken, riding out confidently and good in every way.

Marley is an extremely confident character and he seems to positively welcome new challenges.  He’s also a really handsome boy and moves beautifully.  He is now ready to seek that special 5* home.

It has taken a long time to find the right home for Marley for although a really handsome boy now as well as being good in every way – some people were suspicious of his natural pacing gait. But late this summer the right home presented itself in the shape of Jo and her teenage son who is also interested in riding.

Jo had seen the advert for Marley while she and her family were holidaying down here and were strongly pulled by the words so she kept the advert and when they got back home to Bristol felt she had to ring us to find out more. Well, the rest, as they say, is history. It was love at first sight for Jo and her son and they came to visit Marley a couple of times before making the decision to buy. Jo especially welcomed Marley’s pacing which meant that he would be a bit of a project, which was what she had been searching for.

A few weeks later and Jo and family arrived with a specially rented horsebox to take Marley back to Bristol. Marley – a true pro these days, walked confidently into the box and remained cool for the whole journey.

We’ve had good reports from Bristol since then, Marley has really bonded with his new family and is now moving forwards successfully in his further education.

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