Dino is a stunning, grey, French bred ex-racehorse, he is 16.2hh and 14years old.  Dino is a joy to handle in every way and like most of the ex-racehorses we have had here is an incredibly gentle and relaxed character with impeccable manners.

Dino’s progress has been a bit delayed, because unfortunately he managed to get a nail in his foot which resulted in a series of abscesses and associated lameness.  He is gradually coming through all this and we hope to get him back into regular work in the next month or so.

He is a fantastic, upbeat ride and excellent in traffic.   He will be a complete joy to own as he is without vice.  As Dino is a wise and intelligent thoroughbred who has seen life, he does not suffer fools – or novices(!),  so he will need a new owner who can equal his experience ie a competent and confident rider who subscribes to the philosophy of mutual respect between horse and rider.

Although we have continued to do everything we could to get Dino back to soundness and work, we were approached by someone who had sadly lost the companion horse to their Friesian mare, Phoenix and thought that Dino might fit the bill.

So, Maddie and her family came to visit Dino and instantly fell in love with him. And once we had been to visit the prospective 5* luxury home on offer – how could we say no.

Obviously on delivery day everyone was anxious to see what sort of companion Dino would make. But he was his normal impeccably behaved gentlemanly self and he and Phoenix hit it off straight away and have become an inseparable ‘item’. Maddie keeps us well- informed about this new love affair – the pictures and the words!

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