Gareth is a gorgeous chunky gelding with the best nature – he is a really handsome boy.  He is Fell cross Welsh Section D, and is rising 4 years and is currently about 15hh but obviously still growing.  He is one of the three ponies that we took from a Cornwall-based Fell Stud when sadly one of the owners died almost a year ago, and the many horses there had to be dispersed.

When Gareth arrived here he had hardly been handled at all – except to be gelded (probably not the best introduction to humans) and he was pretty wild. But now after much natural horsemanship and groundwork he has turned into this delightful, friendly character who loves humans and is enthusiastic to do ‘stuff’ with his life.  He is a pleasure to handle in every way, and is now fully broken and although he looks carefully at every new experience that life has to show him he has been a pleasure to educate and copes brilliantly.  Whoever becomes Gareth’s forever owner will be very lucky indeed.

We really didn’t expect Gareth to find a new home this year. In his week’s visit to Tregurtha, we’d discovered that he really wasn’t as far advanced as we’d previously thought. Yes, he was good from the ground, he’d got over his worry about being boxed and was backed – but that was really the sum total of Gareth’s knowledge. So, in spite of Gareth’s drop dead gorgeous good looks and his lovely cheeky nature he was just not in the place that we like our horses to be when they go into the outside world. So we had made the decision to keep him for a further year so that his education could catch up with the rest of his good points. And that’s the trouble with making decisions…..

An unexpected knock on our front door on a quiet Sunday afternoon was the introduction to a husband and wife team who were into riding and driving and who had seen Gareth’s picture on our website and thought he might be the horse for them.

We took them and their troupe of grandchildren (they were out for a Sunday afternoon spin to see if they could find us) to visit Gareth in the field and they immediately set a date to come and try him out. Well, they loved him, and after a couple of further visits with extended family, Gareth went off to his new home with plenty of company and where he is adored.

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