horse-beauty‘BEAUTY BY NAME AND BEAUTY BY NATURE’ – that was how our advert ran in the West Briton.  And, at the time of writing this, Beauty has been with her new owner since the latter part of 2013.

As you can see Beauty looks like a smaller version of a Shire and we were especially sad to see her go as she leaves behind her ‘monster’ foal – Blossom.

Beauty has been a delight in every way during her time here and she was especially adored by all at Tregurtha when we sent her there for re-breaking, once Blossom had been weaned and before we found her that special home.

For beauty’s new owner – a first time horse owner, I’m sure she’ll forgive us for sharing how often unexpectedly challenging it is owning a horse for the first time and for saying that you learn a lot about yourself when you get up close and personal with the new four-legged person in your life.  However, we are happy to report that Beauty and her new owner have found each other now, are growing in confidence and building a relationship that will equally and infinitely enrich the lives of both the person and their horse.

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