2014 Round up

It has been a fantastic year (2014) for Bridle Ways in finding homes for our horses – which is the foundation of what we do. In contrast to the general gloom and doom that the media would have us believe in, there really is much to be celebrated out there. We feel we are living proof of the positivity that exists just in all the amazing people that have approached us to take our horses. Read about the horses that have gone in our ‘Going, Going, gone to new homes…’ section.

Finding great homes for great horses was the reason that we created the ‘Equi-match’ site ie to formalise our bid to bring together the right horses and the right people – which is what has been going on this year. We suppose it’s a bit like a dating agency, except we introduce horses and people. Our aim, rather like a dating agency, is to put horses and humans together with the best compatibility so that they will have the greatest chance of an enduring and fabulous life together. And this is why we never pressurise anyone to take on one of our horses – quite the reverse actually (some people tell us!) ie we never mind how many visits would-be horse owners make here to get to know the horse before they make that final decision.

Because of the year’s success, this autumn we actually advertised in the local newspaper to say we could take in a couple more horses. It seemed like a good idea, but we were deluged with every sort of horse in need of help for every sort of reason.

It is difficult – impossible really, to have to make choices about who to take – and who we cannot help, but our path ultimately has to be guided by extreme welfare needs of the horses – as well as their owner and, although to a lesser degree, by the sort of horses that we think we can make the biggest difference to their lives ie mainly behavioural issues – Lisa’s speciality.

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